The Conjuring – Horror Film- Review

The Conjuring – Horror Film- Review

Cassandra Servitis, Staff Writer

The Conjuring is a horror film produced in 2013 written by James Wan. It is based on a family, the Perrons, who moved to a new farm house in Rhode Island. The Perrons soon find out about the gut wrenching events that took place in that house. Two paranormal researchers, Ed and Lorraine Warren, examine the house. Immediately, Lorraine had a feeling that there was a demonic presence in the house, and bad things were going to happen. At first, doors would creek open, birds would fly into the windows and die, and the dog wouldn’t enter the house, sensing something. Then, the presence grew stronger, starting to go after the kids.

The children and their mother play hide and seek, where the seeker is blindfolded and participants have three claps to try and find the seekers. The mother realizes that when she heard the clap, her child was nowhere in the room, and that’s when she knew something was going on.

The mother would then wake up with bruises; the children would get pulled out from their covers at night, and one of the children started sleepwalking more frequently. Soon, pictures hanging on the walls would come crashing down, and that’s when the family called Ed and Lorraine Warren.

After a while, the mother became the possessed soul, and the demon wanted her to kill her kids and then herself. If it weren’t for Ed and Lorraine, the family would have been gone.

I recommend anyone who loves horror films, like me, to watch this movie, even though it didn’t come out recently. The theme behind this movie is that family is stronger than anything else, and this plot proves it.