American Horror Story Returns!

Olivia Mistretta, staff writer

Fall is the season of school starting, winter beginning to creep in on the northeast with icy winds, apple picking, and most importantly it is the season of everything spooky. One of the many television shows that got a renewal for a new season this autumn was American Horror Story, coming back for a 7th season. The premiere was…Interesting, to say the least. Ryan Murphy, the producer, director, and one of the writers behind the show, always comes out with thrilling and creepy teasers to usher in the new seasons. This year fans were not disappointed, with a number of goose-bump inducing clips making the rounds online. Before the theme of the new season was announced, there was speculation on what the setting would be. In fact, it was believed Murphy had an entirely different set of ideas before the conclusion of the 2016 election which turned out to be the theme of the show.

I was a bit skeptical, as the last two seasons hadn’t been my favorites—mostly because Jessica Lange, one of the regular actresses on the show, had announced after season 4 that she wouldn’t be returning to the cast. The show really didn’t seem the same without her, but after watching the first episode of Season 7, I had new opinions.

Obviously, I won’t spoil anything, but I think the new approach on the show is worth the time to watch. It may not have the more historic and retro aspects of past seasons like the famed Freak Show, or the mysterious and classic horror qualities that made Season 1 kick-start the love of the show, but in a way the more realistic take on things was also interesting. I really want to see how the writers portray the actions of both political parties during the 2016 election and how this season will surprise us with new and unfamiliar twists and turns. Each season teaches watchers something important, and I think everyone will be able to take something away from Season 7.