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Guys and Dolls

Emily Hontiveros, Staff Writer

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As the Drama production of Guys and Dolls came to a close, the bittersweet feeling couldn’t be any stronger. From the crew’s point of view, this year was a challenge. Junior Stage Manager, Nick Box admits, “This year was a rebuilding year for the club as a whole, but especially for the stage crew. Not only did we have a new stage manager, we had a new props manager, new costume manager and new people on all aspects of lighting. Despite all of this, we did an amazing job!”

During the performances, thanks to great teamwork, everything ran smoothly with minute flaws. As crew seniors John Mera, Jessica Titterington, Jose Dean, and Luis Moco move on, the remaining members surely will step up to fill their spots. We wish them well in their future endeavors!


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Guys and Dolls