Common Courtesy

Olivia Mistretta, Staff Writer

Respect, a term we’ve heard many times growing up. I’m sure many students in the high school have had their fair share of lessons regarding the subject and could tell you plenty of respectful things that could be accomplished regularly. However, many people complain about society these days and how there is less respect for others in the world. Perhaps this is true.

A lot of people forget what it means to just simply hold open a door or wave at someone who stops their vehicle so they can cross the road; or even just say thank you to someone serving them food. There is a saying that the little things count the most, and it is very true. A lot of times, people can’t be bothered to do anything for others or feel like they have the right to be downright rude to others. In school, rudeness comes in many forms. Blasting music in the hallways, wrestling at locker time so other people are in danger of getting body slammed, showing embarrassing pictures of friends to others, and making nasty comments around the hallways are all forms of disrespect.

Obviously nothing changes overnight, but a simple request is to just think before you do something that could be disrespectful to those around you. Be aware of your surroundings and just shape up while you’re in school to get through the day. You may not like someone, but at least give them respect and be a decent person. If everyone had more consideration to those around them, attending school would be a more pleasant experience.