China is Not the Most Populous Country Anymore

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Jillian DeMaio, Staff Editor

Since 1950 China has had the title of the most populated country in the world, however, in the coming months that may all change. The exact date that this fact will change is uncertain because of India’s 2021 census being delayed due to COVID-19, meaning that their census was last conducted in 2011. 

According to estimations concerning mid-year populations, India is expected to exceed China’s population by about 2.9 million. If these estimates become true, India and China will equate to one third of the world’s population when combined.

All in all, India’s population is going to change what the world has long ago accepted as fact. In other words, China has lost the title it has held for 70 years. As time goes on people must look out for sudden changes in population and demographics as technology grows more advanced and accurate.