History of Flags


One of the first country flags to be recognized is the one flown by Denmark which was introduced in the year 1219. However, it is important to note that kingdoms and empires that existed prior to the 13th century were also identified by flags. But where did the idea of flags come from?

The first flags were used to assist military coordination on battlefields. The oldest flag on record is the “Derafsh” which was a bronze military flag dating all the way back to 2400 B.C. The flag was discovered in Shahdad, Iran, which is a city located in southeast central Iran. Flags have had a lasting importance all over the world for many millennia including our American Flag. 

The first version of the American flag, also known as the “Besty Ross Flag”,  was believed to be designed by New Jersey Congressman Francis Hopkinson and sewn by Philadelphia tailoress Betsy Ross. The first American flag was adorned by thirteen flags in a circle and changed as states and stars were added. The flag continued to change until 1959 when Hawaii was admitted as the last state into the union. The American flag proudly boasts 50 stars representing 50 states.