Spotify AI DJ


Image Credit: Spotify

Sofia Costeira, Staff Writer

As of February 22, 2023, Spotify introduced its users under the Premium membership to the AI-powered DJ, an exciting new feature that expands your listening experience. The DJ, voiced by the company’s Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier Jernigan, also known as X, brings a pleasant personality to the AI. When launched, your music taste is automatically integrated with the bot’s knowledge. The AI’s commentary immerses users in the experience, including when you first launch the AI. The realisticness of the AI, with an actual human voice, makes the platform more intriguing, allowing one to enjoy the experience fully.

One of its noteworthy features is its ability to recommend various songs. Whether it is based on what genre you have recently listened to or what options the AI may think you will enjoy, it enhances the experience even more. I find it fascinating how precise it can be with specific artists and bands, as I appreciate a variety of artists and bands from varying genres. The DJ can also take a user back “to their past” by playing music from previous years. For instance, it played music I listened to from 2020, which I found to be a pretty nostalgic experience. Visit Spotify’s Youtube video to experience an excellent visual that accurately represents the DJ and its significant potential.  

In retrospect, this feature is excellent for anyone. Regardless of whether or not you are interested in music, it is still an influential element in one’s listening experience. Music is an engaging source of entertainment to many, and the DJ is advancing this source in an easy-accessible way that anyone with Spotify Premium can access. Even if you do not have a Premium membership, Spotify still recommends songs, bands, and artists and even curates playlists that introduce users to more music. Need assistance on how to access the DJ? Visit Spotify Debuts a New AI DJ, Right in Your Pocket, and scroll to the section titled “Where to find the DJ,” which displays the directions to retrieve access.