New Samsung s23

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Samsung has recently released their new s23 series of phones with the Galaxy s23, Galaxy s23+, and Samsung’s high end device of the year, the Galaxy s23 Ultra starting at the price of $299.99 all the way up to $1,199.99. 

These new phones haven’t upgraded much from the design of their predecessors the s22 series of phones which were released last year. The main improvements are in the camera upgrades and its storage.

The S23 Ultra has received a major upgrade to its camera with its main rear camera going up from a 108MP camera to a 200MP camera. This has resulted in more crisp detailed photos and videos, which can be very useful for retaining detail when the camera is zoomed in.

The S23 Ultra also set a new precedent because of its storage size leap from 128GB to 256GB. This is more than double of its main competitor, the IPhone 14 series, that defaults at 128GB.

With this being said, people, who already own the S22 Ultra and are thinking about upgrading, should not do so. It is best to wait until the current device starts to age, slow down, or lose battery capacity to consider an upgrade worth over one grand.