Anticipated Book Releases of 2023

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As the 2023 year begins, readers have started to search the websites of their favorite publishers for releases planned for the coming year. Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, and Penguin Teen are all publishers which release some of the most anticipated and popular books each year. Most bookworms have release day for their anticipated reads already noted on their calendar and are anxiously waiting for the day of release. 

Firstly, Holly Black is returning to the kingdom of Elfhame with her spin off duology; the first book, The Stolen Air came out January 3rd. This series will follow eighteen year old Oak, who was last seen as a seven year old prince in The Folk of the Air trilogy as he completes a mission with the assistance of the girl he’s been betrothed to since birth. Within this series fans of the original trilogy will be given the opportunity to join characters they have familiarized themselves with in Black’s past novels in locations that were featured and developed within previous stories.

Another anticipated release among many teenage readers is Chaos and Flame by Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton. The first book in the fantasy duology releases on March 28th. The novel will follow Darling Seabreak after surviving the murder of her family at the hands of House Dragon. However, after her adoptive father is kidnapped in battle she promises to take whatever means necessary to save him. It also follows Talon Goldhoard, the War Prince for House Dragon, as he navigates through political and family manipulations. The two abandon their differences and resentment after meeting in order to survive prophecies and blood magic which threatens to unravel their entire world. 

Lastly, Song of Silver, Flame like Night by Amelie Wen Zhao is the first in a fantasy series based on ancient Chinese folklore. The story’s protagonist, Lan, searches for the meaning behind the mark burned into her arm by her mother before magic was outlawed. The only troubling fact is that no one by Lan can see the mark. That is, until Zen, one of the magicians of the Last Kingdom thought only to exist within fables, recognizes the mark and knows more information lies within a group of magicians plotting to overthrow the throne. With the help of each other Zen and Lan expose secrets, manipulate fate, and discover the true extent of their power. 

As 2022 came to a close, new releases had bookworms already pre-ordering their most anticipated reads and searching the internet for their next favorite. No matter an individual’s favorite genre, 2023 holds releases that are perfect for everyone.