Trending Christmas Gifts

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Sofia Costeira, Staff Writer

Specific items are always trending around the holidays, whether it is the latest gaming console or the newest pair of shoes. Before the upsurge in technology, flipping through the pages of a stores’ Christmas catalog was the best way to know what was trending. Now, social media platforms, including TikTok, have inspired the rise in the popularity of specific gifts. 

Apple is one of the most admired companies by consumers today. The second generation Airpods Pro goes for approximately $250 and is a fan favorite because of new features such as active noise cancellation. Apple is not the only tech company the public raves about; JBL’s Charge 5 portable speaker is also quite ear-catching. Currently $140 on the company’s website, this speaker enables JBL’s PartyBoost feature, allowing users to pair two PartyBoost-compatible speakers for a stereo sound to enhance listening. 

Besides electronics, beauty is also a primary interest, especially when companies such as Bath and Body Works come out with holiday scents around Christmas Time. Best-selling fragrances include “Winter Candy Apple,” “Vanilla Bean Noel,” and “Tis’ The Season.” Even if it is not from the holiday collection, any scent from them is an excellent gift for anyone and can be offered in many forms, such as a candle or a hand lotion. Gift cards for stores such as Sephora or Ulta Beauty are delightful gestures and even allow people to shop for what they truly will enjoy. 

Christmas shopping may be difficult for some, but knowing what is trending can establish a helpful idea of what to buy. This is not only subjected to Christmas shopping and can be beneficial when shopping for any other occasion.