8 Billion and Counting


Image Credit: Science News

In recent news, the world has reached yet another historical milestone. As of November 15, 2022 the population has faced an increase averaging out to about 8 billion people. Other than being labeled as a significant statistic, the population influx has generated many questions and concerns surrounding the effects of such a momentous surge. These include climate change and other pressing issues. However, individuals are presented with a multitude of positive advances that have spawned the growing total. Some include the rapid improvements to public health, modern medicine and nutrition. 

To elaborate, there is both a level of pride and worry circulating the planet in accordance to reaching this new record. The growth rate of overwhelmingly populous countries, like the United States and China, have slowed at a very uneven rate in comparison to other places around the world. In addition, rising birth rates for poorer nations threaten struggling societies. Nonetheless, to make such a vast increase in just one decade contrasts substantially to the time it took the population to reach 1 billion over hundreds and thousands of years. 

The UN suspects the world population to soar past 10 billion over the next 60 years and the life expectancy to follow a similar pattern. As for the climate, there are still important warnings to heed, such as the large quantity of people polluting the planet. With a communal effort, the Earth can continue to thrive and become a better place. All in all, the recent achievement exemplifies just how far society has come in regards to advancing health, technology, science, and much more.