Queen Elizabeth’s Passing


Image Credit: flickr.com

On September 8th 2022, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Queen Elizabeth’s almost 70 years of rule over the United Kingdom oversaw the dissolution of the British Empire and Brexit with many Brits having only known life under the late Queen. The day the Queen passed started the official mourning period of the United Kingdom which lasted until her majesty’s funeral on the 19th of September, 2022.

With the death of the Queen and Charles taking the ropes as king, the United Kingdom is expected to make some changes, notably to the pound and the national anthem. The anthem of the United Kingdom formally known as “God Save The Queen ” was recently changed to “God Save The King” with the official coronation of Prince Charles planned to occur in the spring of 2023.

British currencies featuring the late Queen Elizabeth as well as the currencies of over 15 other nations (Including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) are in the process of being redesigned featuring King Charles III to be used after Charles’ coronation. According to a BBC article about the pound, with about 4.5 billion Bank Of England notes, worth about £80B, still in circulation, we should expect to see her majesty on the pound for many years to come.