T-Mobile Tuesdays!


Image Credits: Pinterest.com

Adam Soto, Staff Writer

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing the phrase “T-Mobile Tuesdays” and mostly ignoring it. I simply dismissed it as a new saying for Tuesdays, like “TGIF” or “Hump Day” are for Friday and Wednesday. However, I was enlightened on what the phrase meant. Not only is T-Mobile Tuesday(s) a catchy phrase, but it is also an excellent rewards app offered by T-Mobile.

The app T-Mobile Tuesdays has gained quite a bit of popularity around NAHS recently and one can see why. Being a T-Mobile user myself, I was able to access the app and discover what this mystical service had to offer. In short, I was shocked. The app offered so many great deals, all for free! I saw a sweepstakes event for a trip for two to Paris, alongside a year-long membership to BJ’s for only $30 (compared to the normal low of $55 and high of $110). Who wouldn’t want an extra 25 dollars in their pocket? The app even offered up to 40% off on car rental payments! Now, you might be thinking, “this is all too good to be true” but you’d be wrong. According to an article, the app really does live up to its hype. Naturally, the app features some sweepstake events and only the winner gets the reward but that is all part of the fun. However, the rest of the deals are free or guaranteed discounts, so earn away T-Mobile users!

So, why doesn’t any other phone carrier offer such an exciting platform to go with their services? Well, after the merging of T-Mobile and Sprint in 2020, all former Sprint customers are technically able to take advantage of the app. Furthermore, it has been said that since the creation of the app in 2016, non-T-Mobile users can participate exclusively in the sweepstakes events. How kind of T-Mobile to do that! After this interesting little journey, I simply couldn’t believe how “late to the party” I was on this amazing app. For anyone reading this, don’t make the same mistake I did. Go download T-Mobile Tuesdays and take advantage of some awesome (and free) rewards!