The Effect of In-Person Learning

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After a year and a half of virtual learning, students have returned to school in person. Due to the global pandemic, students had to learn through a screen in order to keep themselves and others safe. By following precautionary measures being put in place and vaccinations becoming available, schools have figured out how to keep students and teachers safe while being in a normal classroom setting. Although things are slowly getting better, everyone is still prepared to transition back to remote learning if necessary. It is worth noting that there are many positive effects of in-person learning. Some of them include:

  • Less distractions 
  • Face to face collaboration
  • Use of different modalities for learning/diversity of instruction

All of these effects have impacted students tremendously, and even parents have praised the return of in-person learning. Students who benefit the most from in person instruction are those that while at home got too comfortable and could not easily adapt to the assignments. 

Students who prefer being physically present in school can certainly communicate with their teachers more effectively and are able to get a better understanding of the work. Eliminating the hybrid setting allows teachers to put all of their efforts in the classroom instead of simultaneously teaching in two totally different modalities.

In-person learning also enhances people’s social life. During virtual learning, many students did not interact with their peers since they were socially distant and certain activities were canceled or restricted to some degree.

Undoubtedly, in-person learning allows for students to interact more both inside and outside the classroom. The effects of in-person learning show that it is important for students to be in a classroom setting rather than on a screen within the confines of their own home.