COVID Vaccine Incentives

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Gerard Nifras, Staff Writer

Through the successes and drawbacks of COVID-19 vaccines, the CDC and other organizations find out which vaccines to use on which people. Because many issues and misconceptions were addressed, the demographic of those eligible to receive their vaccines increased exponentially. According to an Insider article that lists many incentives enticing people to get their shot, “The country will need to vaccinate 625,000 people a day to reach the target percentage, 70%, by July 4.” In order to reach this tremendous feat, many state officials are offering various incentives to entice people to get the vaccine. 

One of the first state-wide incentives was a free beer for all people older than 21. This means that bartenders will check identification and vaccination cards. Meanwhile, prominent organizations pitched in exclusive perks to convince their loyal customers to be immunized. Insider notes,  “Sweepstakes for 2022 DAYTONA 500 tickets from NASCAR, 25% discount on NFL merchandise and a chance to win 50 tickets for the next Super Bowl, free tickets to MLB fans who get vaccinated at a game in June. 30% off of stadium merchandise and a chance to win tickets to the 2021 MLS All-Star Game, Sweepstakes to win a year of free flights from United Airlines [and a] free snack or drink from Vitamin Shoppe.”

Granted, these perks are only guaranteed for vaccinated customers. After all, people can only be free from the burden of masks once they’re vaccinated. In addition to consumer incentives, the Biden administration teamed up with the following companies to give free childcare for caregivers and parents on the days of their vaccine appointments. These include YMCA, Bright Horizons, KinderCare and Learning Care Group. 

Similarly,, a branching website under the CDC, third party companies provided perks to facilitate the increase of vaccinated recipients, including transporting them to vaccination sites. In particular, Lyft and Uber decided to give free rides to vaccination sites. In fact, Governor Murphy had tinder sponsor a vaccination site to get people vaccinated as a chance to find their significant other. There are also perks when a vaccinated individual proves his or her immunization, like a delightful free donut from Krispy Kreme if someone shows their vaccination card. Keep in mind that the perks vary from state to state and some don’t redeem the perks you desire. Thus, one must check with their state and update on possible incentives and delightful compensations.