UFO Sighting in Hawaii


Gloria Perez, Staff Writer

For many years, people have claimed to see unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) in the sky. Some are seen as a circular disc, known as a flying saucer. Others have been confused with a light source seen in the sky. On December 29, 2020, there was a UFO sighting in Hawaii. Witnesses claimed that the UFO was a blue colored object that was shaped like a telephone pole. The UFO was reported to be soaring across the sky until it crashed into the ocean. Another white colored UFO was seen following the first one, but no one was able to track that light after it disappeared over a mountain. Locals who spotted the UFO contacted the Federal Aviation Administration. 

But what does this mean?    

A UFO is believed to be a flying vehicle occupied by aliens from another planet. Although aliens have never been seen, some people believe that they do exist and a UFO is a sign that aliens are watching. The cause for these sightings is unknown, but it is believed that the blue light spotted over Hawaii came from an unidentified source. 

Following this incident many people began to speculate about the UFO sighting. For instance, according to Space.com,  one witness identified as Moriah told the police that she and her husband  followed the blue light for three miles. She was curious and wanted to identify the object. As noted by Travelandleisure.com and USA Today, another witness was a UFO enthusiast who believed that the flying object was an LED kite that happened to fall out of the sky. A third witness of the sighting was FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor. At first, he believed that the UFO was just a missile or an aircraft that went missing. 

However, after all the investigations, Gregor was proved wrong as he had reported to Hawaii news that there were no reports of missing aircrafts. After analyzing all this information, no one can truly identify the blue object that was the source of this last sighting. This sighting had the same ending as countless of others that have occurred throughout the ages. 

Was it the aliens? Was this just the icing on the cake for 2020? One thing is certain, this UFO sighting has many people wondering about what 2021 will bring.