A Bite into the Future: 2021


Jynae Williams, Staff Writer

As we enter the new year of 2021, we may be uncertain about any upcoming changes. However, many forecasters, market researchers, and academics have identified and predicted the food lifestyle this year, which will economically shift our everyday eating transitions. The global pandemic has caused more people to cook at home while researching different recipes. Although this trend has stimulated the agriculture industry, the greater demand of fresh food has caused shortages in stores. 

Some people see optimistic results of prosperity and rebounding like Andrew Freeman, founder of AF&CO, who claims,” If we can ride the wave … it’s going to be like the Roaring Twenties all over again.” However, others believe there will be little to no change in the hospitality industry. Kara Nielsen, food and drink director at WGSN, infers, “It’s going to be ugly.” Despite the contrast in opinions, the outcome will be intriguing to discover along the possible changes it may bring. 

Additionally, meal kits, restaurant-meal subscription services, are expected to make a comeback this year to allow customers to prepare meals and eliminate grocery runs. In return, restaurants can stay in business and possibly become popular again. Secondly, vegetables will become even more popular this year because of health and immunity concerns, widely due to the pandemic; thus, causing people to eat healthier and take control of their diet. 

Not only have individuals become more mindful about their nutrition but the environment as well. Packaging waste will undoubtedly increase because people have stopped using their reusable bags while shopping and ordering deliveries, and have relied on plastic and paper bagging. 

With that, delivery services will expand alongside online ordering. Consequently, this habit will linger with other lockdown fundamental changes that have taken place in our everyday lives. To conclude, healthy nutrition will doubtlessly continue to be a constant influence in our food choices and lifestyles! No matter what this new year may bring, we must be prepared for the changes the food world will bring.