Healthcare Workers Amidst The Coronavirus


Elyssa Veluz, Staff Writer

Healthcare workers whose job it is to save lives on a daily basis are an essential part of the economy and life itself. However, unfortunately, nurses, doctors, and other professionals that work in this field don’t get as much praise as they should since they are seen as a “normal” part of society. As the pandemic overwhelms the world, it is important that people see just how important healthcare workers really are and how hard they work. Especially during this pandemic, they are needed more than ever before.

During COVID-19, many nurses and doctors are risking their lives, and are overworked.  Despite this, healthcare workers are underpaid and as an estimate of their salary, beginners only make around $20 to $30 an hour while experienced workers make around $30 to $50 an hour. For all the struggles that they are facing amidst the pandemic, it is only fair to say that they should get a raise. 

Examples of struggles that they face are having to wear PPE or personal protective equipment all day long which causes them to perspire throughout the day. Another big struggle that they face is having a higher chance of getting COVID-19, possibly transmitting it to other family members. Some healthcare workers are even forced to stay in hotels instead of their own homes in order to ensure that their family is safe. These are a few of the struggles that they face among many others. 

Additionally, not only should they get the pay that they deserve, but nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers should also receive more recognition for the work that they do. As someone who is a family member of a healthcare worker, I can vouch that the work that they encounter is not easy. In order to ensure that healthcare workers are truly recognized for their dedication we should always show our appreciation not at just this time but always.