Google Meet VS Zoom


Image Credit: UCToday

Amanda Anzaldo, Junior Staff Editor

Due to the pandemic, many schools have been forced to go virtual. In order for students to learn at home and interact with their teachers, many online platforms have been used; Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, and many other websites are used to ensure that students get a similar learning experience online as in person. Every school is different, so this means that different resources are utilized. However, the most popular resources are Google Meet and Zoom.

Google Meet and Zoom have their similarities: They both allow you to talk to and see people who aren’t in the same room with you. In fact, you can have up to 100 people in your calls. Both platforms are available on computers, cell phones, and tablets, so you can access them anywhere you would like. If you are in a meeting, you can share your screen allowing the other participants in a meeting to see your presentations. Teachers utilize the presentation mode of Google Meet so that they can display notes and other material to their students. Many schools have opted to purchase premium options on both platforms since meetings have time limits to free users. Recording meetings, keeping track of attendance, and other benefits also come with paid membership on both platforms. 

Google Meet is unarguably more secure than Zoom. In many schools, students are given email addresses to use in order to join a Google Meet for class. For example, anyone outside the “NA Vikings” cannot enter a Meet that is hosted by a North Arlington teacher without being allowed in by a teacher. However, on Zoom, anyone can join a call, regardless of their email. This has caused many “Zoombombings”, or unwanted guests, in a meeting. It can be frightening to know that anybody could just join your class and watch what is happening. 

My brother, a student at Bergen Tech. relies on Zoom and Google Classroom when it comes to online school. Overall, he feels that “School has been running smoothly on Zoom. It is almost like I am in school listening to my teachers because the audio and video are very clear.” Unfortunately, I can say that Google Meet does not have very good video and audio quality after listening to my classmates in band class. The sound becomes very distorted and muffled when students play their instruments.

All in all, it depends on a school’s priority to decide which platform to use for online classes. Google Meet is better for smaller class sizes and quick meetings, while Zoom is better for large conference calls. I prefer Google Meet because it is very reassuring to know that there will be no unexpected guests in my classes.