Discovery of New Organs in the Pharynx Area

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Elyssa Mae E. Veluz, Staff Writer

The organs in our body are vital to our existence. Although there are many organs that are significant, there are five major ones that stand out. These organs are our heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, and liver. With each having different functions, these five organs are essential to our survival. However, mankind’s growing knowledge of ourselves and the world never ceases to amaze us. Recently, a group of scientists from the Netherlands believe that they might have discovered a new set of organs, named the tubarial glands, which are located in between the nasal cavity and the throat. 

The researchers claim that they had overlooked these glands previously. They were originally using the PSMA PET scan to search for tumors in the prostate, but accidentally came across the pair of glands. To be certain that they were reading the machine correctly, they looked at the heads of 100 different patients and confirmed that there is, indeed,  new organs in that area. It is amazing that given the variety of tests that examine our nasal cavity and throat- such as CT and MRI scans – the tubarial glands have been overlooked for all of these years. However, scientists have stated that the organ is very easy to miss because of the limited technology that we had previously, and that with more advanced body scans, they were able to  detect the glands. 

It is so incredible that these researchers found something new in our bodies. 2020 has proven to be an interesting year for scientists. With a discovery like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if scientists discovered another organ, possibly similar to these.