iPhone 12 Reveal – Apple Event October 2020

Image Credits -  Apple Event Presentation

Image Credits – Apple Event Presentation

Brian Kataro, Senior Staff Editor

It’s the autumn season, and while for many that means a change in weather, for Apple fans it means another presentation detailing what the company plans to release in the coming future. While this year’s Apple Event included the additions of the HomePod Mini and the introduction of 5G support across their new line of phones, the stars of the show were no doubt the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro.

In terms of size, the iPhone 12 is over 10% smaller and thinner than the iPhone 11, all while boasting twice the pixel count, resulting in sharper images. That better screen quality also goes hand in hand with its new A14 Bionic Chip, which has a 50% faster CPU than previous chips. This allows the phone to run more intensive programs, which Apple has noted it’s perfect for mobile gaming. For the average person, however, the Ceramic Shield may be more appealing: a built-in addition to the phone’s screen, which supposedly provides a 4x better drop performance—possibly removing the need to buy an additional screen protector for many. The phone also comes built-in with better Night-Mode support, so pictures will look even better in the dark. Its starting price will be $799.

Along with the release of the iPhone 12, there is going to be an iPhone 12 mini, sporting the same features as the regular sized phone but crammed into a device smaller than the iPhone SE. Its price will start off at $699, a hundred dollars cheaper than the regular 12.

Finally, Apple revealed their iPhone 12 Pro phone, as well as a “Max” version. While both phones have much of the same features as the regular, these models are not only the largest phones that Apple has made so far, but also have the best camera. Coming equipped with three cameras (wide, ultrawide, and telephoto), the iPhone 12 Pro will be able to take stunning pictures from much farther away than before, all the while being able to shoot in 4K and Dolby image qualities. In addition, the phone has optical image stabilization, meaning that a shaky phone will not ruin a picture. The stand-out feature, however, is a new LiDAR scanner—this allows for AR tools to be used easily on iPhone, being able to place a virtual image in the real world through the camera. No doubt about it: this will be the iPhone to take the best pictures Apple has to offer. Pro versions will start at $999 for the Pro and $1099 for the ProMax, both with 128 gigabytes of storage.

The presentation did have some good and bad news concerning accessories. The good news is that Apple is setting a goal to have a net zero climate impact by 2030, which is a big step to take for any large company to make. The downside is that this new incentive is being done by no longer including earbuds or charging heads with their newer phones. Apple is selling MagSafe/wireless charging products, but at an additional cost.

To watch the entire event, click here. To find out more about the Apple products unveiled, go to their website at apple.com.