Student Spotlight – Angela Gonzalez

Student Spotlight - Angela Gonzalez

Brian Kataro, Junior Staff Editor

Undoubtedly, one of the first things that helps define individuals is their appearance. On average, people see millions of faces in their lifetimes, making each and every appearance the only thing known about the majority of people that individuals come across. Of course when appearance is a question, makeup is an answer, offering limitless possibilities as to how to style one’s mirror to the outside world.

Angela Gonzalez is a sophomore at North Arlington High School and has had a passion for makeup ever since she was a little girl, exploring an entirely new world – “I’d find my mom’s makeup bag and head to town,” she said, “I remember walking into pre-school with my mom’s lip gloss on and I felt so empowered.” As time passed on, Angela began to see the nearly endless possibilities for makeup and what she could do with her skills, saying, “There are no guidelines or mold to be filled. Everyone can freely play with makeup and create art,” capturing how infinite the possibilities for self-expression are.

When asked what some useful skills in her art may be, Angela responded with, “I think practicing is so important because I didn’t get where I am overnight. I’ve been practicing makeup for years and I feel like I still have a long way to go,” suggesting that if someone is passionate about something, whether it is makeup or otherwise, one must continue to work at it in order to improve in the process. After all, practice makes perfect.

Angela’s final message to anyone wanting to try makeup is to “[…] try it, and if they have a normal routine, try to break that cycle at least once. Wear a color they wouldn’t normally or try a look they deemed too daring. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is something I find important and necessary. Plus it’s fun to dabble in,” encouraging experimentation and trying something new every once in a while.

Angela and her work can be found at @by_angelamarie on Instagram, where she posts various designs such as her zodiac and Halloween series, as well as work done on her clients.