The Art of Bubble Tea

Stephanie Zhang, Staff Writer

Over the past few years, an Asian drink, most commonly known as Bubble Tea, has been gaining popularity in the US. It is sold in many tea shops across the US, especially in places with an Asian population. Popular tea shops chains include ViVi, Coco, or my favorite, KungFuTea. In addition, there is also a way to make your own bubble milk tea here.

But what is this beverage that I speak of? Bubble or Boba Tea is a popular drink in many East and Southeast Asian countries that originated in Taiwan. Its two most popular forms include a fruity iced tea or a milkshake-like tea both coming in various flavors such as strawberry, taro, lychee, and matcha. My current favorites are the Thai bubble tea and the Tiramisu milk tea.

What gives Bubble Tea its name are the chewy, black tapioca pearls at the bottom of the tea. They look like bubbles and give the tea its signature unique texture. In addition, other toppings include aloe, herbal jelly, and fruits.

What I like about bubble tea is the creativity and customization aspect of it. With the many flavors and toppings, it is hard to not find a bubble tea drink that you like. The ability to customize allows you to adjust your favorite drink to be less sweet and/or vegan. In addition, the creative unique drinks like the Blue Galaxy from ViVi, or the Cheese Foam milk tea from Mi Tea prove to be great for an aesthetic Instagram photo while tasting great!