Multicultural Night 2019

Elena Yared, Staff Writer

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This year’s multicultural Night, organized by Mrs. Gagliano, was once again a success. There were countless tables set up around the gymnasium representing countries from all continents. The food prepared by students and their families was delicious. Some of the countries proudly represented were Portugal, Egypt, Scotland, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Cameroon, Peru, Greece, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, and so many more!

All tables, in addition to having savory food, had posters noting the traditions and customs practiced in each country. Anything from historical to fun facts could be read on the posters. In addition, there was typical music playing all night from the diverse continents being represented. Even those who did not want to taste the culinary delicacies found at each table still enjoyed the event – many attendees actually had the courage to start dancing in the center of the gym as the traditional music played throughout the evening.

Multicultural night was indeed an overall success, and I will definitely attend next year. Everyone who participated seemed to have a lot of fun, and this night is the perfect way to show off the diversity we have at NAHS.

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