Up Close and Personal with the Cast, Crew and Director of Mamma Mia

Up Close and Personal with the Cast, Crew and Director of Mamma Mia

Elena Yared, Staff Writer

Our Drama Club did it again! They gave an outstanding performance of Mamma Mia making the audience retrogress into the music of the 1970’s and the group Abba.

Anna Lasek, who played the role of Sophie Sheridan, said that she loved her role because she’s such a great role model. Her favorite song was I Have a Dream because it’s such an emotional song and so many people can relate to it. She stated, “It’s so vulnerable and it’s when Sophie reveals what she really wants.” One of her favorite scenes to run through was her fight with Sky (played by Tyler Golpe), her fiancé.

Fallon Garretson, who played Donna Sheridan, Sophie’s mother, loved The Winner Takes it All. She said that she truly let herself go when she sang it and that it’s such a powerful song. Her favorite scene was with Harry (played by Gerardo Baez), where the audience got a peek at their past relationship.

Gianna Gugliuzza, the props manager, was in charge of any objects that were needed by the cast throughout the play. She usually helped set up the stage and made sure the actors were prepared for their scenes with any props they might need. Her favorite part of the job was to just being able to help out; Mamma Mia is her favorite show and she was very excited to be a part of it.

Sidney Mejia, the stage director, had many jobs. She had to check the technology and sets to make sure they worked and were safe. She also wrote cues for the crew so they knew when they needed the props and sets. Her job was important because she oversaw the entire crew, and was in charge of making sure all went well. Her favorite part was the second viewing, the Friday night show, because by then the crew had gotten into their flow and everything was running well.

Our director Mrs. Branco, had some words as well. She said she picked Mamma Mia because it was modern, fun, and a classic, with awesome music, too. She was excited to see how the play turned out as a whole, and pleased to see everyone came together to produce an amazing show.

From amazing dances to beautiful sets, Mamma Mia truly had it all!