Spring Concert 2018

Spring Concert 2018

Olivia Mistretta, Staff Editor

This year, the NAHS music department put on another enjoyable spring concert.

The choral program began the show with a John Legend cover song called “Love Me Now”, followed by “Riversong”, then “Something Just Like This” featuring a solo by senior Daniel O’Neill. The final chorus song, “How Far I’ll Go” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda for the film Moana, was meant to be inspiring and reflective for our graduating students who will soon be moving on.

Afterword, Amanda Anzaldo and Emilio Arroyo performed a string interlude, “Blue Danube”.

NAHS Viking Concert Band took the stage next. They opened with an energetic piece called “Synergies”, followed by the appropriately named “Hypnotic Fireflies”. Afterword, the band performed two songs by the same composer, Randall D. Standridge. “Argentum” used an advanced 7/8 time pattern, followed by “Whiplash”, another intense piece. For an encore, the band surprised us with a joyful medley of familiar Disney themes.

Overall, it was a wonderful show, and everyone is very proud of the students who participated in the program this year. Congratulations, everyone!