Best Place to Raise a Family!

Olivia Mistretta, Staff Editor

It’s been quite a year for North Arlington! Earlier in the year, North Arlington made the top 10 of best places to live according to an article by MONEY magazine. Recently, Time magazine now recognizes North Arlington as the number one place to raise a family in all of the United States! Many people are surprised about the news, but it’s safe to say everyone is honored. An article by ( goes into further detail about the recent news.  In this article, Mayor Bianchi responded to the endorsement by Time magazine with excitement, “’As the mayor of North Arlington, I’m proud that we were chosen for this honor. The fact that Time magazine placed us No. 1 is unbelievable’” (Grant).

Our little borough is a truly special community. Looking closer, we can see many reasons why North Arlington is the best place to raise a family. Culture bustles around us in New York City and by the Jersey Shore, the houses are priced quite well for the standard of work in the area, the schools have very good rankings compared to others in Bergen County- but most importantly, we have a community like no other. Being such a small town, everyone is close to each other. Many people who work in public offices and in our schools grew up in North Arlington, and have dedicated their lives to working here. There are many programs for children as well to play recreational sports and join other youth clubs. Not only this, but NA has many other safe areas like Fisher Field, the North Arlington Public Library, and “the Hut” (a youth center in town) which are all good places for children to go after school.

Family life is generally pleasant in North Arlington, especially when it comes to town events. A few examples are the Trunk or Treat, a popular event many families can enjoy around Halloween, the many sports games that everyone in town can enjoy, and many school-related events like the Volleyball Tournament and the Lip Sync Battle. Overall, the community is what makes North Arlington so appealing in terms of raising a family. Like the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child” and it is certain that Time magazine put the spotlight on the right village.