Equals by Ed Sheeran


Image Credit: headlineplanet.com

Ed Sheeran is known by the public for his previously released albums including Plus, Multiply, Divide, and No. 6 Collaborations Project. On October 29, 2021 he released his fifth and most recent album, Equals. The album opens with the track Tides that describes his reflection on his past and his outlook on his future. Additionally, it explores the new chapters of his life, including him becoming a father a little over a year ago.

Sheeran previously released four of the songs on the album before the official release as singles, these include Shivers, Bad Habits, Overpass Graffiti, and Visiting Hours. Each of these songs have differing meanings and tones as well as dramatically different styles, all of which have subtle similarities to his past albums.  

By far the most touching song on the album is his single Visiting Hours, which was first heard at a live event at Rod Laver Arena in front of over 7,000 people. Visiting Hours describes Sheeran’s wish that he could speak with the people he has lost throughout the years and gain their advice. 

The song opens with the lyrics, “I wish that Heaven had visiting hours so I could just show up and bring the new that she’s getting older and I wish that you’d met her the things that she’ll learn from me, I got them all from you,” and the song ends with “And I will close the door, but I will open up my heart and everyone I love will know exactly who you are ’cause this is not goodbye, it is just ’til we meet again so much has changed since you’ve been away,” to emphasize that he will see his lost loved ones but it may be years from now when he gets the chance. 

In my opinion, this is a well thought out album; however, I enjoy the first half of the album much more than the second due to the style of songs in the latter half of the album. As a final thought, I think that this album has something everyone will enjoy and relate to in their own personal way.