Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

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Amanda Anzaldo, Junior Staff Editor

This Christmas, DC fans received an awesome gift. Wonder Woman 1984 was released, starring Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and Chris Pine. Fans had the opportunity to either stream the movie on HBO Max, or watch it in a theater. I chose to watch the movie at home, with my family and my cats. A warning to the audience: This article does contain spoilers, so if you do not want me to spoil the movie for you, I suggest you watch the movie and then read my article. 

The movie first begins with a flashback to show how Diana Prince, our heroine, became Wonder Woman. In this scene, Diana competes with women in challenges that determine their strength and skills. The movie then flashes forward to 1984, where Diana is working as an anthropologist, alongside Barbara Ann Minerva, to identify a mysterious stone. Secretly, Diana is fighting crime as well. Somehow, both women ended up making wishes to the stone. Barbara wished to become as beautiful as Diana while Diana wished for her lover, Steve Trevor, to come back to life. 

Magically, their wishes are granted and Diana’s lover is reincarnated. Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord, a villain who pretends to be an investor, seeks to keep this mysterious stone, and seduces Barbara to steal it. Maxwell wishes to become the stone so he can grant wishes and take whatever he wants in return. As people make and take back wishes, Maxwell becomes weaker, which will cause Maxwell’s death later in the movie. 

Soon, both Barbara and Diana realized that this stone causes chaos because of Maxwell. However, Barbara and Maxwell have teamed up against Diana to make sure that she does not foil Maxwell’s plans. In order to stop the chaos caused by Maxwell, all three characters have to take back their wishes. Diana is quickly losing strength and realizes that she must give up Steve in order to restore her power. She regretfully does this and travels to her home to get some durable armor. As Wonder Woman, Diana then fights Barbara, who has become The Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s nemesis. In the end, Diana defeats Barbara and forces Maxwell to take back his wish to restore peace in the world.

Overall, this movie is best for those who enjoy action. The opening scene is one of the best throughout the movie. While the scenes in between the fights are not as exciting, they do help build-up to the climax, where Wonder Woman fights The Cheetah. As I haven’t read into the Wonder Woman comics before, this was the first time I have watched anything related to the DC universe. This movie is perfect for those who don’t know a lot about superheroes from comics.

 I think that Gal Gadot makes an amazing Wonder Woman. I was somewhat surprised to see Kristen Wiig in this movie because I mostly associate her with comedy. However, she was able to portray a villain very well. I would recommend this movie to anyone that doesn’t know a lot about superheroes and wants to learn more about them.