Remembering a Guitar Legend

Amanda Anzaldo, Junior Staff Editor

Recently, we have lost a legendary musician, Eddie Van Halen. For over a decade, Eddie was battling lung cancer. Doctors are saying that the cancer was metastatic, meaning that it had spread to other parts of his body. Eddie had been undergoing treatment such as chemo and radiation for his cancer for the past year.

Eddie is known for creating the band, Van Halen in 1972. The band only had four members: David Lee Roth, Micheal Anthony, Alex (Eddie’s brother), and Eddie. In 2007, Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, joined the band to play the bass guitar. He is also very famous for his guitar playing skills. His playing created effects that no other guitarist had been able to make. Some of the most iconic songs by the band were “Jump”, “You Really Got Me”, and “Runnin With the Devil”. Eddie was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. 

Three days before Eddie died, his health declined rapidly. Eddie’s family was with him when he died at Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. By his side were his son, Wolfgang, his wife, Janie, his brother, Alex, and his ex-wife, Valerie. Wolfgang posted the news of his father’s death on Instagram, and many fans expressed their sorrows. Eddie Van Halen lived a wonderful life and it is unfortunate that cancer killed him at only 65 years old.