The Struts & Old New Rock

The Struts & Old New Rock

Olivia Mistretta, Senior Staff Writer

Looking for a new band with a vintage sound? If rock legends such as Freddie Mercury, Joan Jett, and Aerosmith are at the top of your playlist, you may enjoy a new-age glam rock band: The Struts! The four-member group from Derby, England have been praised  globally by fans of rock n’ roll for “bringing back old rock” with their two hit albums Everybody Wants and Young & Dangerous. From electric guitar riffs to sparkly and loud outfits, The Struts perfectly capture that old feel of rock n’ roll with a new, young sound.

So who are they? The band consists of iconic vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliot, and drummer Gethin Davies. Two past members include bassist Jamie Binns and drummer Rafe Thomas. The story goes that Spiller and Slack were the founding members, writing and recording music together after being in failing bands for over three years before recruiting the rest of the crew. Spiller was quoted in a 2015 interview that creating new rock music has always been his dream, “I’ve always known what I wanted…Rock and roll with a contemporary twist, pushing it forwards again at last. From day one, that’s come naturally to this band” (Probert, BirminghamLive). 

When asked about the name of the band in an interview by PopularTV, Spiller had this to say, “I was just moving around and somebody was like, you strut around a lot. Then we were like, yeah. From then on, we knew we had a great name. We couldn’t believe it hadn’t been taken” (Kaplan, PopularTV). 

Another thing to note is that The Struts are not looking to replace old rock n’ roll artists or bands. Spiller and other members of the band grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, AC/DC, and Mick Jagger just to name a few. Spiller even mentioned in a different interview that they are not looking to start a “rock revolution”, they just want to have fun and make music they enjoy. 

The Struts have even had the honor of opening for some of the old legends such as a show in Paris where they opened for The Rolling Stones. It is also worth noting they have inspired people who have been working in the rock industry for years. A notable individual would be Zandra Rhodes, a former costume designer for Queen who now creates all of Spiller’s iconic outfits on stage from his glittery bodysuits to fringed leather pants. 

Overall, if you’re looking for old rock music with a new kind of attitude, glam, and voice, I would definitely recommend The Struts. Even the biggest fans of old rock will probably enjoy at least one song, but among my personal favorites are “I Do It So Well”,“Put Your Money On Me”, “Young Stars,” and “Bulletproof Baby”.