Isabella Gonzalez , Staff Writer

Birdbox has recently been the movie everyone is talking about. Birdbox is based on the 2014 novel by the same name written by Josh Malerman. It’s not your typical horror movie, as it relies on seeing the fear from the characters perspective rather than the actual supernatural monsters. Our main character, Malorie Hayes, played by Sandra Bullock starts the movie five years prior to all the chaos and the plot shifts back and forth between her past and present life. We see a lot of life and death situations throughout the movie but the main characters know exactly what to do in order to survive- precisely what makes the movie so intriguing.

The movie opens up with a single mom, Malorie, who is first shown teaching her two children how to survive. This scene seems scary as she is yelling at the children, because not only is she scared for them, but herself as well. The children are told to never ever take off their blindfolds unless told to and to not speak on their journey down the river. The view then shifts to an event before the apocalypse and shows Malorie with her sister in her home. Painting and doing her other normal day to day activities, Malorie’s sister informs her about an epidemic occurring in other countries. The two seem to know that the epidemic is coming for them too.

We see Malorie spend almost five years in total trying to survive this plague- most of which she is trapped in a house with a group of people struggling to do the same; survive. When the audience is first introduced to all the characters, they seem to add up to almost nothing. As the movie progresses, the strangers come up with a basic idea of what’s killing the universe.

Eventually, the survivors Malorie and Tom, played by Trevante Rhodes, move to a house in the woods where they fall in love. Later on, Tom fights off loiters that invade their house. He tells Malorie to take the kids, get the boat and start heading towards the safe place if he doesn’t return and she decided to carry out his wish. He does not return which is the turning point of the story, bringing the plot to the present, because now it is just Malorie and the two children in a boat embarking on a treacherous journey while trying to reach the safe place. They are on the rapids which is the toughest part of getting over the river.

Their journey finally ends and the resolution of the film is very sentimental. I recommend this movie on all notes. It is a movie that was unexpected all around but it had many symbolic parts that truly pulled everything together.