Bandersnatch: Movie Review

Bandersnatch: Movie Review

Athena Kiriakoulis, Staff Writer

Black mirror has outdone itself again. The popular Netflix show has continued its creepy and captivating series with the hit movie Bandersnatch. Released last December, the film has already received a 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb, and a 74% score on Rotten Tomatoes. So, what makes Bandersnatch so popular?

The story follows a young game designer named Stefan who starts his journey into a career of game design in 1984. His goal is to create a hit video game based on a book which drove the original author insane. The movie quickly takes a dark turn, as Stefan begins to develop his own insanity, while desperately trying to create a five-star game.

However, there is one extra feature which makes this Netflix movie truly spectacular. The theme of the story is all about choices. To truly demonstrate this, the movie includes an interactive aspect; you, the viewer, can choose different actions for the protagonist, and thus change the ending of the movie. This is also a nod to the film’s setting of a video game company during the 1980s; an era where video games were just starting to develop the ability to choose how the story progresses.

Of course, this gives the movie a lot of replay ability. Netflix says that the film is an hour and 30 minutes long, yet it can actually last a few hours if you intend to see all the paths you can choose. There are quite a few different endings you can create, ranging from the strangely morbid, to the downright absurd. Overall, Bandersnatch is a strangely interesting film and a fun experience for those with time to watch and interact with it.