Mary Poppins Review

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Nicole Duffett, Staff Writer

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When one thinks of Mary Poppins, they imagine a damp and dreary London suddenly lit up by a gorgeous symphony of upbeat and cheerful music and bright, child-like fantasies. Mary Poppins Returns, the 2018 sequel to the original Mary Poppins, manages to establish a tone and atmosphere which resembles the very first one.

How, one might ask, does the sequel manage to accomplish this? The answer can be found in the film’s cast, which consists of various well-known actors and actresses, such as Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, and many more. Their active and cheerful energy allowed the film’s story to be beautifully portrayed. This was especially evident whenever they had to sing. The audience could truly feel their character’s emotions, whether it be joy or melancholy.

However, this film did have one major flaw. This flaw is located in the song’s themselves, as well as the scenes that accompanied them. Many of the songs had tunes that were a bit too similar to each other. If there was a stronger variation in the film’s songs, then perhaps it would have been more appealing to watch.

All in all though, it was a decent movie. It had pretty visuals, pleasant music, and an amazing cast. Without these factors, Mary Poppins Returns would not have been so happily received by its audience.

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