NAHS Drama 2018 Presents…

Elena Yared, Staff Writer

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You probably heard of the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, in fact, you probably watched it. Released on November 22, 1991, this classic is about an odd girl, Belle, who ventures away from the safety of her village in order to save her father. She ends up living in an enchanted castle, and has to learn how to love a young prince, who was put under a spell. However, it is not until the antagonist, Gaston, attempts to kill the Beast, that Belle realizes her true feelings. After many adaptations, including one released last year, it’s safe to say that Beauty and the Beast truly is a “tale as old as time.”

This year, our very own drama club is putting on the play, set to perform on May 3, 4, and 5, at 7:00pm. In addition to those shows, we will be performing a number at the spring pep rally coming up. With Brianna Balugas and Benjamin Soden playing Belle and the Beast, our cast promises a thoughtful take on each character, and wants to make the show the best it can be. Our director, Mrs. Branco hopes that this year’s play is “…as fun as Beauty and the Beast should be.”

Tickets can be purchased at the door, so make sure you come and support us during our shows!

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