Café Lalo, New York

Olivia Mistretta, staff writer

Hailed for its charming interior, delicious cakes and fragrant teas- I was excited when told we were heading to the Belgian themed Café Lalo during my recent trip to New York. It was a crisp, sunny day- perfect for a nice slice of cake and a cup of tea. When we arrived, we were greeted by a window that held many delicious looking cakes and tarts. I quickly ordered a slice of the raspberry chocolate truffle cake and a cup of earl grey tea.

I was amazed at the fine quality of the desserts there, the fresh chocolate fudge of the cake and a warm sip of the perfume-scented tea was perfect to end a nice trip to the city. We had a beautiful view out the window, and the food came relatively fast for a packed café. If you aren’t into sweets, the menu also includes breakfast foods like egg sandwiches and dinner items like artisanal pizza. Café Lalo definitely didn’t disappoint, and I certainly recommend having a visit if you are in the city.