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Nocturnal Animals- Movie Review

Matthew Cross, Staff Writer

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In the world-renowned fashion designer Tom Ford’s stylistic thriller, Nocturnal Animals, he examined the psychological effects a relationship can have on a person. From the onset, we meet Susan, a wealthy gallery owner whose seems to be missing excitement in her life. Out of the blue, her ex-husband sends her a manuscript for a book he penned, titled Nocturnal Animals. What follows next is a mix between Susan’s imagination of the book as she’s reading it, and her life in the present moment. As she quickly devours the book, she suddenly realizes what happened to her relationship that caused it to crumble to pieces…

Indeed, this movie was unique, as its format acted like a movie-within-a-movie. It’s gripping story line and well-developed characters added to the visual aesthetic of the film, a signature of the director. When I walked out the theater, I completely understood all the buzz that surrounded this movie. It’s one of those movies that captures you right from the beginning, and doesn’t let up until the end! Plus, it ends on an ambiguous cliffhanger, causing you to ponder different theories about what really happened.


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Nocturnal Animals- Movie Review