Filipino Desserts


Elyssa Mae E. Veluz, Staff Writer

Desserts are a staple for many countries around the world. Popular ones range from French and Italian pastries to Japanese delicacies which are enjoyed by many. Although not as popular, Filipino desserts are noticeably the most unique treats since they are different from the more familiare ones. 

To begin with, sapin-sapin, a well known Filipino dessert, is made with three multi-colored layers. The most common hues are yellow, white, and purple. Sapin-sapin has the consistency of the outer layer of mochi but tastes quite different. 

Additionally, we have mango floats that contain graham crackers, cream, and of course, mango. The added ingredients to the mango make it tastier and sweeter, making it a favorite in the Philippines.  

Finally, the most popular dessert in the Philippines is halo-halo. This dessert contains many ingredients that range from sweet beans to jack fruit to ube ice cream. All the ingredients go well together, which may come as a surprise to many, however, as soon as it enters your mouth, the enriched combined flavors soon spread, making this dessert addicting. 

There are many more Filipino desserts that are unique and interesting such as, leche flan, suman, and more. Sapin-sapin, mango float, and halo-halo are just a few of the mouthwatering desserts we have to offer.