HANDS Casino Night

Stephanie Zhang and Amanda Anzaldo

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On Tuesday, March 26th, the NAHS Honor Society collaborated with the HANDS Organization to host a wonderful Casino Night along with a Spring Fling for people who are members of the HANDS organization. HANDS is an organization that works with adults with special needs. It gives them a chance to socialize and make friends during fun activities, such as the Casino Night.

Why are these events important? Mrs. Fitzgerald, one of the organizers, explained that “Events like these are important because it gives people with special needs opportunities to socialize with the general population. They have the chance to learn from the public meanwhile the public can also learn from them.” Mrs. Kusher, the Honor Society advisor and another organizer of this event, stated that she enjoys watching her students interact and form bonds with the guests. In addition, she specifically chose the honor society because community service plays a significant role in the lives of all the students inducted into it, and this event is a wonderful way to interact with the community.

Overall, the night was a success! There were many volunteers and our guests all enjoyed themselves. DJ Blackford provided music that encouraged everyone to dance and there were fun games and crafts set up for everyone. The night ended with an Easter egg hunt, where our guests found hidden Easter eggs with candy inside. We both enjoyed volunteering at this event. It was an amazing experience because it reminds us that everyone is unique. It teaches people to be accepting of others’ differences. As one volunteer put it, “If you have an open mind, you’ll have fun.” A huge thank you to Mrs. Kusher and Mrs. Fitzgerald for organizing this event! We look forward to volunteering at more events like this!

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