The NBA 2020 Season


Image Credits – LeBron James on Instagram

Israel Alcantara and Pegi Bracaj

COVID-19 may have stopped certain sporting events throughout 2020, but it surely was not able to stop the NBA from carrying out the long-awaited NBA Finals. People all over the world had been waiting for the best two teams of the 2019-2020 NBA season to clash on the court, watching their favorite players go back and forth, scoring points and defending, all for the title of NBA champion. This year, however, the NBA finals were different because spectators were not allowed to attend the game in person due to social distancing and capacity rules. Basketball fans watched the games at home. 

The two contending teams and their players, the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, displayed amazing work on the court leading up to the finals—truly showing as why either of them deserves to be titled “NBA Champion.” Fan favorites from the Los Angeles Lakers, such as LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Anthony Davis, as well as others from the Miami Heat such as Bam Adebayo, Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler, and rising star Tyler Herro, worked hard to showcase their incredible plays on the court, wowing the audience with every shot, dunk, and defensive play. 

The 2020 NBA playoffs concluded on October 11th with a victory for the Lakers. This year, the game was between the Eastern Conference team, the Miami Heat, and the Western Conference team, the LA Lakers. The Lakers put out a show that finalized 6 competitive games with a dominant victory of 106-93. The newly chosen MVP, LeBron James, led the team to the victory having scored 179 points during the finals – the most points scored by any player. Along with him, number 3, Anthony Davis, helped the Lakers steal the Larry O’Brien Trophy from the Miami Heat, dominating on defense and on rebounds.Thus, the Los Angeles Lakers are celebrating their 17th NBA title and are now one of the teams with the most NBA titles, tied with the Boston Celtics.