The Sunshine Protection Act: What You Need to Know

Image Credits: via Creative Commons

Gina Gugliuzza, Staff Writer

On March 15, 2022, The United States Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act. The amendment, passed unanimously, would end the annual practice of changing the clocks in our homes and on our personal devices twice a year. But why was Daylight Saving Time created in the first place?

According to CNN, Daylight Saving Time was first created to reduce the amount of electricity usage during the spring/summer months of the year by increasing the amount of hours sunlight was present during the day. By making this change in the clocks permanent, there will be more hours spent in the sun all-year round as opposed to exclusively in the spring or the summer. 

The Sunshine Protection Act, if passed through the House of Representatives and later signed by President Biden, would take effect by November of 2023, pleasing Americans across the country who’d prefer if the sun didn’t set in the middle of the afternoon.