Cherry Blossom Season


Elyssa Veluz, Staff Writer

As spring starts, cherry blossoms bloom. Many people who like the spring weather, most likely look forward to cherry blossoms. Only growing in a certain season and locations, cherry blossoms have become a symbol for the start of a new season, spring. Though less common in America, Japan’s abundance of cherry blossoms or sakura, has made them quite popular. In fact, somei-yoshino cherry blossoms are Japan’s most famous sakura trees. 

Although there are many types of cherry blossom trees in Japan such as the yamazakura, kanzan, fugenzo, and more, somei-yoshino trees are by far the most common and popular type. They roughly grow 1-2 feet per year and can be found to have 2-3 centimeters of petals with multiple branches of trees containing petals in groups of 5 or more. Aside from that, the Yoshino trees grow faster than any other sakura tree. Another reason why the Yoshino trees are well-known is because of the hanami tradition where people go picnicking under the sakura trees. 

Although it is not as common in America, the sakura trees are widely known for their pink petals and beautiful appearance. A place in America that is widely known for its sakura trees is Washington D.C. Every year, a Sakura Blossom Festival is held, and many people look forward to it. During this two-week-long festival, there is a celebration show where celebrities gather and talk.  There are also concerts and parades. The Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the United States’ good relations with Japan. In 1912, the Japanese gave the US 3,000 cherry blossom trees as a gift. Since then, the US and Japan have exchanged gifts.