Little Free Library

Elyse Rivera, Staff Writer

Need a good book recommendation? Find a Little Free Library! The Little Free Library is a nonprofit book sharing program that was created to spread literacy, community, and creativity. The essential idea is that anyone can be a bookkeeper, otherwise known as a steward, and take care of a small library that sits on their front lawn. The stewards place books into their library and anyone can take a book or leave a book. The actual “library” itself looks like a mailbox with a little window that you can peek into. You can build and customize your own or buy one online. Either way, you can get registered as a steward and join the larger community of 100,000 Little Free Libraries. 

You can find a Little Free Library in every state and over 70 countries around the world. People in your community can find books in your little library that they likely would have never considered reading. Every 3 out of 4 books people read from a Little Free Library are books that they normally wouldn’t try. It’s nice to see communities and schools coming together to read and share new books. 

Some special libraries have specific types of books that coordinate with the library’s theme. The latest one is called “read in color”, where the little library contains diverse books from various cultures. Another special library is the PanCAN Story Gable. For every library installed, 50 dollars will be donated to combating pancreatic cancer. The invention is a creative and ambitious one, having come a long way from its founding in 2009. Even though it is a small box that sits on people’s lawns, the Little Free Library has helped countless people and causes. Take into consideration that most of the books are used and should be given attention as they are shared. Encourage reading!  Become a bookkeeper today! Check out their website, LittleFreeLibrary